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Our View

George Gascón is a menace.

That’s not an outrageous statement. It’s the inescapable conclusion for any sane person who has been monitoring the L.A. County district attorney’s approach to criminal justice since he took office in December.

And this week, as if he hadn’t done so already, Gascón went all-in on his philosophy that favors the rights of dangerous criminals over the rights of law-abiding citizens, crime victims and their families.

In a pair of meetings held with staff in the DA’s office — the outcome of which was disclosed to The Signal and other media by sources in the DA’s office who are simultaneously in fear for public safety and their careers — Gascón dropped the other shoe on his much-criticized pro-criminal policies.

And then he dropped one more shoe after that:

Gascón told his beleaguered staff that he was cutting in half both the Hardcore Gang and Major Narcotics units.

In other words, some 100 lawyers who previously have prosecuted some of L.A. County’s most dangerous criminals will be removed from those duties. 

One can only imagine what their new assignments will be, but from what we’ve seen of Gascón, he will shift those resources to his relentless effort to find ways to reduce sentences, overturn legitimate convictions and, come hell or high water, get as many criminals out of prison as possible, as soon as possible — even those serving sentences of 15 years or more.

In George Gascón’s Los Angeles, even the most despicable criminals — think Charles Manson — would be eligible for release if they’ve served 15 years or more.

We’ve said this before: The election of Gascón in November was perhaps the most overlooked and most dangerous outcome of the November election. Literally, the quality of life for all L.A. County residents — including those of us here in the traditionally safe Santa Clarita Valley — is at stake. 

The new district attorney’s policies, from his refusal to pursue sentencing enhancements for repeat offenders, to his utter refusal to prosecute entire categories of crimes, and now to his gutting of the hardcore gang and narcotics trafficking prosecution units, continue to demonstrate that Gascón is unfit for office and should be removed before he inflicts irreversible damage on the public safety of L.A. County and the SCV.

The effort to recall Gascón has our emphatic support.

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