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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

As you’re subjected to the day-to-day news of escalating federal power grabs, what is your response? Do you wring your hands, yell at the TV screen, complain to your friends and neighbors? While there may be some catharsis in all that, freedom-loving patriots must get off the couch to save the republic and protect individual liberty. Our founders knew this in their bones, and we must learn from their example.

Make no mistake, every Joe Biden executive order, every piece of Democrat legislation introduced in Congress is aimed squarely at removing any control you have over your own life and giving it to government bureaucrats. Not to mention allocating trillions of dollars to illegal border crossers, pet projects, foreign countries and wasteful blue states without a single concern for mounting debt landing on the backs of U.S. citizens for generations to come.

“Equity” is their stated cause, a term that carries a certain emotional appeal, I suppose. Who doesn’t want everyone to experience an equal outcome? Well, I for one, because it’s an impossible goal and invariably leads to mediocrity for all. Think about it. Can we truly guarantee the same outcome for every person, regardless of talent, IQ, determination, physique, health, family values, etc.? 

Rhetorical question.

While our society hasn’t yet reached the point of regulatory insistence on drafting 4-foot-10 clumsy students onto the high school basketball team, just wait. That time is on the horizon, urged along by a million legislative knife cuts to meritocracy promoted exuberantly by fake news media and corporate giants working in tandem to intimidate the masses and cancel public expression that falls out of line with their left-leaning controlling party line.

Don’t be disheartened. Do NOT give up. Take courage and take action. Yes, we’re overwhelmed, hit from all fronts – unchecked illegal border crossings, the shredding of election legitimacy, looming tax increases, continuing freedom suppression in the name of COVID, institutionalization of racial hatred, the drip-drip-drip of laws that shred our Second Amendment rights. And more.

Americans who don’t see 1930s Germany in what’s happening in the U.S. today simply have no knowledge of the past…and how we’re repeating a sinister pattern HERE. Perhaps this is by design by global elites, as classroom texts at all levels have been systemically altered or set aside to dumb-down our youth. You need only watch (or conduct!) “man on the street” interviews to realize how many people don’t know one whit of civics or history, who don’t understand how unique and precious our system of government was designed to be.

So…what to do in the face of creeping Marxism? How can you protect individualism in the face of growing cries for collectivism (which clearly leads to totalitarianism)?

Here are 10 concrete steps you can take. No doubt you can think of more.

1. Call or write to your elected representatives. Be specific with your support or criticism. You can find a lot of contact information here –

2. Join, volunteer for and donate money to local conservative organizations.

3. Sign and circulate petitions. (Later this month, the petition to recall LA County District Attorney George Gascón will hit the streets. Visit the official website:

4. Stop buying from Amazon and other corporate giants. Support local small businesses instead.

5. Get armed and practice at the shooting range.

6. Stop sending money to your alma mater. Let that university know why! (Why? Because predominantly leftist educators are convincing an entire generation that this country is racist, misogynist and imperialist. Watch Ami Horowitz interviewing students at Yale University, where 65% of those encountered want to get rid of the U.S. Constitution:

7. Attend local school board meetings. You might be shocked! Here’s a list for Santa Clarita:

8. Study the Constitution for yourself. It’s a small document. Free copies are available at Rep. Mike Garcia’s office here in town and the language is, of course, online. Quick quiz: What does it say in Article I, Section 4, that every Democrat in the House of Representatives blithely ignored in passing HR1 last month?

9. Educate young people in your life about founding principles, civil rights and individual liberty. Short, free videos on a variety of topics may be found at

10. Comment constructively on left-leaning social media pages and give supportive praise on those platforms to elected officials who make constructive choices.

With regard to No. 1 above, I once heard a Democrat activist address a meeting of retired teachers. She articulated her morning routine to the group: “I make my bed, brush my teeth, call my congressman, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed…” 

In other words, being politically active was part of her everyday schedule.

Make it part of yours!

Patricia Suzanne is a professional writer, retired small business owner, and conservative activist. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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