Thomas L. Cadman | Kids’ Privacy at Risk?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The photo on the front page in The Signal March 30 of campus supervisor Patrick Seidenkranz as he scans in students returning to Placerita Junior High School is one we should all celebrate. It also raises some questions. 

Why are cell phones being scanned? What is the Crisis Go app? What is the app costing the school district? With what we learned over the past year about the extremely low risk of spread among students, what is gained using the app? What other features of Crisis Go are being used in our schools? Is the threat assessment program being used? What information is being gathered on our kids, and from what sources? Who can access that information? 

I would suggest every parent with school-age children go to the Crisis Go website and examine it carefully.  

From what I see it has all the earmarks of a tech company with the ability to create a permanent database of information on our kids. 

Thomas L. Cadman
Canyon Country

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