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Jonathan Kraut

Fox News perpetuates the promoting of “fantasy land.” Last year Fox’s bogeyman of the month included criminal aliens trying to come over the border and kill us, violent liberals looting and burning as part of Black Lives Matter, and the anarchists of Antifa, an entity that does not exist, who are out to destroy our country. 

The new Fox bogeyman today is critical race theory. The Washington Post reports CRT, as it is sometimes known, was mentioned on Fox 1,640 times this April, May and June.  

Fox seems to want us to believe that CRT is a malicious philosophy designed to teach us to hate each other. 

Last week Sen. Ted Cruz stated on Fox that critical race theory is “every bit as racist as Klansmen in white sheets.” Cruz states CRT promotes that “all white people are racist…” that “critical race theory says America is fundamentally racist and irredeemably racist” and “critical race theory seeks to turn us against each other.” 

A woman carried on Fox News, almost in tears, says she doesn’t want her child to be taught how to hate in elementary school. 

When I first heard the term CRT, I thought it meant cathode ray tube. CRT described an old-fashioned TV tube, I was taught while taking a course in electrical engineering in college. 

When folks started to refer protests to promote racial equality as BLM, I had known BLM as the Bureau of Land Management, the agency that safeguards large swaths of federal lands throughout the U.S. 

So, what is this other CRT? 

Critical race theory is “an academic framework for examining systemic and institutional racism.” It has been taught in universities since the 1990s. 

Actually, CRT would explain why I viewed “CRT” and “BLM” as having alternate meanings. 

Critical race theory is a framework that helps understand that terms understood by one may mean something else to someone from a different background or different economic setting. 

CRT is not taught in elementary school. CRT is not telling us to hate each other. CRT is not a manipulation by liberals to get us to destroy America. 

Critical race theory is an examination of the historical and social influences in America related to race. CRT asks us to think about what has impacted the economic opportunity, level of political participation, and class mobility of some racial and ethnic groups. 

Wonder why there are large Chinatowns located in L.A., Seattle and San Francisco? 

These Chinatowns are formed near where intercontinental rail lines come to an end at the sea. Chinese communities were established where the railroad work ended in the late 1800s and that’s where many Chinese folks settled down.  

Critical race theory, for example, asks us to recognize the influences leading to the establishments of some Chinatowns and is a tool that helps illuminate how such events influenced economic impediments, racial biases and ethnic community restrictions. 

Nevertheless, with great intensity and passion, Fox host Tucker Carlson spews out lies as he misrepresents the intent and purpose of CRT. 

Carlson’s declaration, “The race hate has oozed out from universities and infected the entire country” is wholly false and seems to be designed to perpetuate rage and anger among viewers. 

So, what is really going on with Fox? I tuned in to Fox for four short segments this weekend. This is what I heard. 

“The liberals are trying to take away our freedom. Make no mistake, we are under attack.” 

“Even the FBI says we don’t know who is crossing our border illegally. We are in more danger than ever because of illegal immigration.” 

“Progressive polices are threatening our justice system.” 

“We must unite and fight against a liberal agenda that is trying to destroy our country.” 

Just like the mischaracterization of critical race theory, Fox’s intent is clear: the Fox News content model 1) perpetuates fear, 2) incites anger and hatred, 3) names an enemy, and 4) asks viewers fight against entitlements being taken away.  

Many of you are part of the Fox News audience. 

Is there any political message that you recall from Fox that does not illuminate a fear or danger, that does not designate an enemy, or does not ask you to defend your rights and entitlements? 

Fox promotes fear. Fox designates and demonizes enemies. Fox solicits hate and incites anger. 

We know emotionally invested audiences generate lucrative revenue streams. 

So, who or what is trying to incite hatred, diminish political cooperation, and promote disunity: Antifa, BLM, or CRT? 

Or is it Fox News? 

Jonathan Kraut directs a private investigations agency, is the CEO of a private security firm, is the COO of an acting conservatory, a published author, and Democratic Party activist. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal or of other organizations.         

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