Cheryl LaGrasta | We’ve Outgrown Our DMV Office

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We have lived in the Santa Clarita Valley since we moved here in 1976. Going to the DMV back then was an in-and-out process. The building was adequate for the residents living here at that time. With all the building of new houses, it has become a nightmare today. Standing outside in the heat, cold and rain is a sign that we have outgrown the present location. Yes, there are reservations that can be made in advance, but try finding a seat to sit in while going through the process after you are given a ticket (window) number. There is no parking and people have to park on the surrounding streets in the neighborhoods. I know that the handicap parking spots are limited and not enough for the people living in this community who have to use them. I have a proposal for a new location for the DMV to move to. 

The vacant building of the Babies R Us location would be the perfect size to handle the amount of people we have in this valley. Plenty of room for the waiting room, guest windows, and driving tests can be on the west side of the parking lot. Most of all, parking for all those who will visit the DMV office. No money to be used to build a new building that could take years to finish. The only money would be for the renovations to the interior of the already vacant building. 

Come on people, we need a new office for the DMV. How much longer are we going to have to travel out of this valley to use another DMV office? These are your options: Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Paula or the San Fernando Valley. 

Cheryl LaGrasta 


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