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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It took over 2 million Californians to sign the petition for a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Now that the recall is certified, it will take additional millions of voters from all political persuasions to vote on Sept. 14 to (1) confirm the recall sentiments to remove Newsom and (2) to select his replacement from among the growing crowd of untried candidates who apply and qualify.

The tight, 10-week race is unique in that Democrats and their one-party dominance, along with their fiscal and social policies, will be under strong, national scrutiny. Newsom’s unprecedented and excessive use of “emergency powers” during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, has hurt families and destroyed small businesses. 

Californians of all political stripes have suffered under Newsom’s politicized policies and hypocritical practices. The “Golden State” is tarnished and depressed, with thousands leaving the state — with its excessive taxes and social restrictions — each month. The winner of this election will need to “bring California back,” restore the California dream, and make her the Golden State once again! Who will be that “golden boy”?

I’d like to introduce you to a new face in California politics who can do just that: Sam Gallucci for governor. 

Being new to the game is a good thing. Sam Gallucci is beholden to no one. He can help businesses dream big, bring people together to solve social issues, and unite Republicans, Democrats, independents and others for a better California.

Sam spent much of his early career in the tech industry, building businesses and creating jobs for Californians. He was a key player in the tech boom that transformed the California economy, helping to employ thousands of California residents. Since then, Sam has dedicated his life to caring for people, meeting needs and solving social issues.

He has ideas for job growth, the business experience to implement solutions, and the ability to lead others with caring and compassion. The “Gallucci for Governor” train is rolling. Get on board! Meet Sam Gallucci online at

Gary Curtis


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