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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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As former President Barack Obama so succinctly pointed out after his first presidential victory, when some people on the right were complaining that he was being too liberal, he rightly stated…”Elections have consequences!”

Rep. Mike Garcia very proudly and equally openly ran and was elected TWICE as a conservative by the voters in the 25th Congressional District, defeating former state Assemblywoman Christy Smith TWICE… once in the special election to finish out the term of disgraced and resigned Rep. Katie Hill and again in the following election for a full-term seat in Congress.

Now it would appear that some people contributing to these pages want Congressman Garcia to govern as a liberal Democrat instead of the very openly conservative that he ran as and was twice elected as. The Congressman Garcia that I know and that I proudly support has not and will not pretend to be something he is not just to get votes or accolades. He is the real deal and I personally find that to be a very pleasant change from what we normally see in our elected representatives.

Rick Barker


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