Thomas Oatway | No Vaccination? Just Plain Dumb

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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We are seeing a steady rise in COVID-19 infections in California in recent weeks. That is unfortunate because nearly every person over 11 can get a shot that will protect them from serious sickness if infected. There may be several reasons why the unvaccinated are refusing to get a shot, and most of them are just plain dumb.

Young people under 30 may falsely believe that they will not get seriously ill if infected. But that is farcical thinking because current hospitalizations show that the young are a major component of the sick. 

There may be anti-vaxxers who are opposed to any medical intervention on the basis of their religious beliefs. Thankfully, they are few. There are those who just have not been paying attention. Others are so isolated they cannot be easily reached. A segment of the population believes the conspiracy theories that the vaccine will make them sterile, or worse. Some may use the fact that vaccines only have emergency authorization by the FDA. That is silly, and the FDA must soon recognize the reality that vaccines taken by more than half of the adult population have had few and mostly minor side effects.

That brings us to Trump Republicans, including those who think they are being loyal by refusing to get shots. Fox News is coercing them to resist on the basis of some delusional government overreach. The result will be a continuing and increasing rate of infections, as the virus mutates and becomes more dangerous. Fox News will maintain its loyal viewers as long as they stay alive. This is the ultimate form of voter suppression. Is there any sense in culling the Republican voters like this? They are already an endangered species in California.

Thomas Oatway


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