Local author’s ‘The Power of Ketchup’ asks, ‘What if Jesus came to town in the form of ketchup?’

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Former Minnesotan and now Valencia resident Sarah Hauer has released a new novel that explores the fictional scenario of how the inhabitants of a small town in Minnesota in 1982 would respond to the potential image of Jesus in the form of ketchup. Written during the pandemic as the world was in lockdown, Hauer examines how the mundane can be the catalyst for significant chaos and change.  

Self-published in paperback on Amazon and e-book on Kindle, Hauer was compelled to write the story from watching the world fight over rolls of toilet paper. 

Hauer navigated the pandemic along with her family and much of the rest of the world re-examining priorities. If fights over toilet paper could break out in Costcos across America, what mundane thing could accomplish the opposite and cause people to search their own hearts for compassion and understanding? In this story, a young girl with a ketchup-drenched hot dog unknowingly has the power to do precisely that. 

Hauer grew up in Hector, Minnesota, in the 1970s and ’80s. A resident of California since 2011, this is Hauer’s third novel. Her stories tackle the topics of sexual assault, chronic autoimmune disease, and now humanity in fictional story form. “The Power of Ketchup,” “Shattered Crystal” and “Between Layers of Earth” are all available in paperback on Amazon and e-book on Kindle.  

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