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The United States and the United States military have a long-standing and well-publicized policy of no one being left behind. 

This concept was perhaps made most famous by the 2001 movie, based on real events, “Black Hawk Down,” in which the military invades Mogadishu in 1993 seeking, in vain, to recover fallen soldiers caught up in a failed raid intended to capture Somali warlords’ lieutenants, and the rescue of Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his post in Afghanistan in 2009, causing at least six soldiers to die looking for him while he was in custody of he Taliban.

The one principle the military holds sacred is the principle of no one left behind. If you are serving our country, it is a comforting feeling to know that you will not be abandoned in some foreign land. This rule also applies to American citizens in a foreign country. If you travel abroad, you know that if you get in trouble, you can call on the American government to help you. It’s a part of being an American citizen.

We now have as many as 10,000 American citizens abandoned in Afghanistan; the exact number is still unknown. These people, American citizens, need help, American help, our help, military help.

While some may disagree, the majority of Americans, including this editorial board, believe that is time to get out of Afghanistan.  That’s not the issue.

The issue was the lack of planning and the execution of removing our troops.

It’s imbecilic to remove your military and close your bases with American citizens still in the country. The results are easily predicted. 

It has been reported that NATO troops in Afghanistan and our allies were not even given advance notice of when we were leaving. We just picked up and left without any plan or thought or even considering the consequences of this action.

This is a stain on America. We have been diminished throughout the world for allowing our citizens to be stranded.

President Joe Biden must take immediate action and send in enough troops to secure Afghanistan, bring back our fellow citizens and destroy the $80 billion in armaments​ left behind. These troops, maybe upwards of 30,000, need to be sent in to secure the retrieval of our citizens. We don’t want them to stay permanently — just to bring back our citizens and remove the stain of an embarrassing retreat.

Lives will be lost by taking action and implementing a rescue operation, but doing nothing will cost the lives of civilians also and at least we will be regaining our honor and commitment to keeping our principles and our word. 

The American military is the greatest, strongest fighting force in the world. The troops want to go back in and retrieve our neighbors, they are willing and ready and just waiting for the word.

President Biden, we urge you to give the word now… before it’s too late.

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