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Letters to the Editor
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Re: Thomas Oatway, letters to the editor, Aug. 18. I have a solution for what appears to be Mr. Oatway’s problem with the U.S. Constitution.

First of all, I will point out what I sometimes foolishly assume that educated people understand the name of this country is NOT the United COUNTRY of America nor is it the United PEOPLE of America. It is called, and for deliberate and very good reason, the United STATES of America.

The founders in their great wisdom understood that a time may come when a majority of the states wished to change something in the Constitution and they provided the means to do that through the amendment process. The process of amending the Constitution is handled entirely by the states, first individually then collectively, to get a majority of them to agree on the amendment.

So if Mr. Oatway wants the Constitution amended to allow for the federal government to control and dictate how the individual states handle their business, he can work to have the Constitution amended to provide for that. I’m assuming that Mr. Oatway already belongs to the group advocating for just that, so he should continue supporting the Democrat Party.

Rick Barker


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