Ron Perry | Solving the Water Shortage

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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On (TV) news at 6 this morning we heard a story on water shortage. Here is a partial solution: How about holding our elected officials responsible. There are 20,500 new homes being built behind Magic mountain. More than 1,000 new homes being built in other parts of our valley. New office and manufacturing buildings. So where will they get water? The L.A. (County Board of Supervisors) is responsible for most of this new building. And how about our City Council? How about a building moratorium? 

Water shortage, DUH! We have already cut back, and we are constantly being asked to cut back more. We can only do so much!

But money talks! More than the welfare of citizens. More than their (elected officials’) jobs. Once again, the real problem is greed and power!

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country

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