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Letters to the Editor
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In several recent letters to the editor, my submissions have been criticized by Signal readers who disagree. I will respond.

One letter suggested that I should be more concerned about the 5 million votes stolen that led to the Joe Biden victory. She (Chrystal Bulger) apparently believes this is more worthy than COVID-19 vaccination discussions, which was the subject of my submission she disagreed with. She said the “My Pillow guy” (Mike Lindell) had proof and he has offered $5 million to anyone who could prove him wrong. Dominion Voting Systems wants $1.3 billion for tarnishing the company’s reputation. The My Pillow guy is going to have to sell a lot of pillows if he loses this lawsuit. If he makes $10 on each pillow sold, and he sells 130 million pillows, he will break even.

Then there is the letter from Mr. Arthur Saginian, who wrote: “Re: Mr. Thomas Oatway of Valencia. The majority of his letters bash people for not getting vaccinated, and the majority of those he bashes are Republicans who support Donald Trump.”

The fact is the Southern red states are having a massive outbreak of the virus, and they all have substandard vaccination rates. Seven children have died of COVID-19 in Florida as of Aug. 5. What I would propose is that criminal charges be levied on carnival barkers like Tucker Carlson, who has said parents should be arrested for child abuse if they allow their kids to wear a mask. Mr. Saginian was the guy who famously wrote to The Signal that he wants to get COVID-19 along with others (presumably Republicans) who, if they survive, will make the species stronger.

I rest my case.

Thomas Oatway


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