Bill Dinsenbacher | Accepting Conclusions on Faith

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Arthur Saginian writes interesting letters that invite others to consider various viewpoints. In the remarks about how he concluded that Rev. David Hegg’s belief is not based on knowledge, whereas professor (Elaine) Pagel’s studies lead to no evidence that Christ really existed. 

Questions: has all the information about that time period been discovered? Are their (Ms. Pagel and Saginian) interpretations of all this data correct?. The answer seems to be that they have “faith” in their methods. 

As stated in the article, the findings show that the “big questions” are “”unanswerable.”

P.S. I’m also an agnostic. I believe trying to find an ethical basis for all creation is a more important pursuit. 

Bill Dinsenbacher


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