Gary Morrison | Ironies in Letters on Jan. 6

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Don’t know why I am still surprised that The Signal publishes letters from the local (conservatives), i.e. Rick Baker or Rob Kerchner, so often. Sometimes we get a more sane look at things from Arthur Saginian, but too often, Signal columnists have almost a daily letter in addition to their weekly column. When is enough, enough?

What was Donald Trump before he ran for president? He was a Democrat! Donated to Hillary Clinton, even had Bill and Hillary as his guests at his wedding to Melania. Even a cursory examination of his history shows that he had no qualifications for the office. He was a failed businessman, who had a business plan that was borrowing money and not paying it back. (Could that be why no American lenders would back him?) Court records show that he would have subcontractors do work for him, then refuse to pay them. He did business through lawsuits and intimidation. Every speech he gave was about HIM. He carried those traits with him into the presidential campaign. Have you ever seen that amount of nastiness and deceit before?

People said, “We need a businessman as president!” Not a New York real estate developer. We needed a corporate leader, who knew how to work with other people, many of whom disagreed with him. All of the bluster he puts out today is geared toward fundraising. And he needs it, desperately! He has almost a billion dollars in personal debt that will come due in the next two years. He even bankrupted casinos, a business that the mob considers tantamount to a license to print money! 

In Baker’s most recent screed, he laments that Ashli Babbitt was somehow an innocent tourist. Later in the same paragraph, he does call the people who broke down the doors and windows “rioters.” Well, Ashli, “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas!” What she did, in most every jurisdiction, is called “breaking and entering.” 

Beating people with flagpoles is “assault with a deadly weapon,” a felony. All this stuff was out in the open, on television! 

Once again, (Trump) returned to what he did most of the time he was in office: He went in and watched television.

So much attention has been given to the alleged “stealing of the election.” Despite many court cases, and now the Arizona “Fraudit,” no evidence has ever been shown. Are we expected to take their claims seriously? 1970s comedian “Slappy White” opened each show with the statement, “The world has gone crazy!” It used to be a comedy line, now it is real. 

Show us the evidence! I think these audits and recounts are just more ways for Trump, et al, to make money. Each time they lose, they ask for more donations. Is there any accounting for the funds raised by these scammers? No matter how much they bilk out of their supporters, it won’t be enough to cover Donnie’s debts. Stay tuned!

What is most confusing is that these are the same people who shouted “back the badge” and campaigned for “law and order.”

Gary Morrison


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