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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

In feudal days, we had nobles and serfs. Peasants had no say in the laws issued by their monarchs, and the royal tax collectors came around regularly so they could replenish the aristocratic coffers. 

Is California any different today? 

After declaring a state of emergency on March 4, 2020, due to COVID-19, Gov. Gavin Newsom has retained his self-proclaimed “Emergency” authority. Only HE can end it, so it goes on and on.  

The California Supreme Court ruled recently that the state’s emergency services statute gives our governor “police power.” That power, they proclaim, includes the right to establish new laws, thus bypassing the Legislature entirely. 

In essence, Gavin Newsom can do what he wants and genuinely LORD it over YOU. Which makes him “King” of California. 

In 1776, after years of mounting tyranny, American colonists wrote and delivered the Declaration of Independence to King George III of Great Britain. They told the king to “shove it.”  

It’s OUR time. We are not serfs. We, the people of California, still have one very important power remaining – we can recall the king. 

Have you voted yet? Have you called at least 10 friends and reminded them to vote, urged them to call 10 more? 

Major media would have you believe you’re wasting your time. They’ll say that, according to their polling, King Gavin will retain his position. (In 2016, they were convinced of a victory for Hillary Clinton.) 

But if Gavin is so popular, why has he needed to raise $70 million to keep his job? 

Contributions are flowing in from moneyed donors like George Soros, tech giants, teachers’ unions, media and entertainment industry moguls – to name a few. Since Newsom is not a “candidate,” fundraising limits don’t apply to him. 

Among the biggest donors are public sector unions, eager to protect their lucrative state salaries and pensions. Why should THEY care that California has over $1 trillion in unfunded pension liability? has found truck drivers in San Francisco making $159,000 per year and some L.A. County lifeguards earning up to $365,000. The athletic director at UCLA is paid $1.8 million a year. In San Francisco, “poop patrol” team members are paid up to $184,000. For shoveling s—t of his own, Newsom actually isn’t paid much more than the pooper-scoopers — $210,000 plus benefits (which makes him the highest paid governor in the nation). 

Newsom’s decisions have grown government and bolstered big business while crushing the private sector and working-class families. People are leaving the state in droves, and yet we all know that their ballots will miraculously show up at their old address and likely be mailed in! Another election debacle is on the horizon. 

Remember when Newsom closed our beaches? And closed beaches in specific counties on specific holidays? No sunshine for you, despite the known benefits of Vitamin D in battling COVID-19. Tyranny. 

He shut down “non-essential” businesses for months, made California a sanctuary state for illegals and criminals. Homelessness is mounting week by week, with no reasonable solutions coming from the governor’s office. 

Under Newsom’s administration, the state Employment Development Department squandered billions in unemployment assistance dollars, sending preloaded debit cards to prisoners, infants, people in other states, a whole host of fraudsters while legitimate claims were backlogged. 

If he and his teachers’ union buddies actually cared about kids, they would fully open schools. In 2019, fewer than half the students in our public schools could read English or do math at grade level. Since COVID-19, those numbers have grown worse, and they’re a mounting calamity in the poorest neighborhoods. 

Newsom has refused to build water reclamation systems (with taxes collected to do just that), adding to the state’s drought woes. Record rainfall in 2019 simply flowed into the ocean. His demands for green energy have siphoned utility dollars away from power line repairs, yielding tragic fires up and down the state. 

When he took office in January 2019, he publicly declared war on wildfires. His words were nothing but hot air. Newsom flat-out lied last year, stating that 90,000 acres had been cleared of dead trees and overgrown vegetation, creating fuel breaks, defensible spaces and ingress/egress corridors. The actual number was 11,000 acres. 

As we’ve seen, the forests ARE being cleared, but by out-of-control wildfires. Newsom’s failure to remove dead brush has resulted in the loss of homes, businesses, animals, parks…and human lives. 

Crime rates are spiking under Newsom. He let thousands of criminals out of state prisons. In July, he actually said there was NO statewide crime upsurge. It was a lie. 

To top it all off, we have the highest state income tax, gasoline prices and vehicle registration costs in the nation. 

Vote YES on Question No. 1, to Recall Gavin Newsom. Do it NOW, don’t wait until Sept. 14. All vote centers are now open – you can cast a ballot anywhere in the county. Find a convenient place at 

More importantly, turn off your social media and actually CALL the people you know and remind them to vote, preferably in PERSON. YOU have influence. 

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”  

— Thomas Jefferson 

Patricia Suzanne is a professional writer, retired small business owner, and conservative Republican activist. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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