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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Jim de Bree, “We Must Reform the Recall Process” (commentary, Aug. 19).

In my opinion, Mr. de Bree is overlooking the rationale of the California recall process, and trust me using the word “rationale” in the same sentence with “California” almost broke my fingers when I typed it! Granted the recall is accomplished on one single ballot (I just got notice that my ballot was received and counted) but there are two very distinct sections and choices for the voter to fill out on that one ballot.

1. Do you want Gov. Gavin Newsom to be recalled? (Yes or no.)

2. Which of the listed candidates are you voting for? Fill in the circle next to their name.

I can’t see where having two separate ballots on two different voting days would make a difference other than doubling the cost to the taxpayers if the person being recalled lost the first one, which would necessitate a second ballot being mailed out and a second counting taking place. And pardon me if I am just a wee bit hesitant to take advice on ANYTHING from two Berkeley Law School professors! If they think it’s a bad idea I think it’s a GREAT idea!

And when Mr. de Bree states, “Today, no single entity controls as much political power in California as Southern Pacific did a century ago,” I believe the entity he says doesn’t exist is called the Democrat Party and it controls FAR more power in this state than Southern Pacific Railroad ever did.

The candidates running for the governorship have been running against each other, NOT against Newsom, and the candidate receiving the most votes is declared the winner, just like all other elections.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, there have been 54 efforts to recall California governors since the power was put in the state Constitution in 1911 and only one of those, the one against Gray Davis, was successful. News flash, Mr. de Bree: EVERYTHING having to do with politicians is “political” and in case it has escaped you there are not enough Republicans in this state to do anything on a state level, so if Newsom is recalled it will be because a whole bunch of your fellow Democrats and also a bunch of independent and other party voters voted to dump him.

Rick Barker


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