Rob Kerchner| The Craziness of COVID-19

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

You must take this medicine. You must not take that medicine. You must wear this mask. You must not go to work. You must stand on this dot. You must not go to the pool or the beach. You must put up this Plexiglas. You must not have that medical procedure. You cannot eat inside. You cannot eat outside. You must have this vaccine. You cannot enter that store. Your kids must stay home. You cannot go to the gym. When you enter this store, you must follow these arrows. You must not visit your dying relatives. You must take these contagious people into your nursing home. These strip clubs are OK. This church is not OK. This protest is OK. That funeral or wedding is not OK. 

Crazy stuff, eh? But you know what’s even crazier? The way Americans went along with ALL these cramdowns, and more. Craziest of all? They did so in a fruitless attempt to avoid a germ. And not some horrible germ either; rather, a germ that has turned out to be tantamount to the flu in 99 out of 100 cases. And the people who die of it average 80 years of age, older than the average fatality age of everyone else.

Rob Kerchner


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