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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton was railing (commentary, Aug. 25) against the election to recall our no-account Gov. Gavin Newsom, calling the process “tyranny” and calling Texas “retrograde.” 

I wonder if Horton is aware of the fact that Article II of the California Constitution, which established our recall procedures and was approved by California voters in 1911, was introduced by progressives like himself. It was designed to get rid of (elected officials) like Newsom before they did any more damage, and I think it’s pretty fair to require a simple majority of registered voters to accomplish that. 

Whoever replaced him would have done so by the same method that got Newsom elected in the first place: by the most votes. 

How many times have I warned you all about those politically “double-edged swords”? You can’t keep changing the laws to suite your momentary interests. I guarantee if our recall law was changed to Horton’s liking, the day will come when he’ll complain and want it changed again.

Arthur G. Saginian

Santa Clarita 

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