Betty Arenson | America, a Nation in Peril Under Biden

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

America is in a state of mounting peril that should capture everyone’s attention. It’s difficult to prioritize the topic in need of the most urgent attention, but we can start with inflation and supply/demand. 

Anyone who shops for groceries, household items and/or puts gas in their cars is experiencing soaring prices. Likewise, the effects of the shipping/cargo crisis. However, in spite of the fear and pain being felt about the escalating inflation, plus the shortage and higher prices of goods, know that the Joe Biden administration’s stance is that these are merely “high-class problems.” Feel better? 

Biden told Anderson Cooper in his recent town hall that he only had two choices to combat escalating fuel prices: Use America’s oil reserves and/or ask OPEC to increase foreign oil production. Predictably, Cooper never mentioned putting the Keystone Pipeline back into operation. 

Car gas isn’t the only fuel issue. The cost of heating our homes is expected to jump 54%. That life-threatening data is wholly ignored by Biden, his administration and Democrats. 

It’s no coincidence that the shipping, cargo, loading/unloading, trucking and overall transportation crises seem to reach a dangerous peak as Democrats zealously push for multi-trillions of dollars in deficit spending for the sake of “infrastructure,” highlighting ports, roads and bridges. Nonetheless, once again, no worries because these trillions and trillions of dollars are of no significance because President Biden continues to repeat that all of it is paid for and will be no financial burden to taxpayers or affect the national debt whatsoever. We’re supposed to be stupidly comfortable with Biden’s recent declarations, leaning into the microphone stating, “We pay for it all…it doesn’t increase the deficit one single cent.” Last week he told a Scranton, Pennsylvania, audience: “When you talk about the number, we shouldn’t even talk about the numbers, because it’s all paid for, written in the same piece of legislation.” Biden has claimed his demanded multi-trillion tax-spend bill is actually a “tax cut.” There are no words necessary to elaborate on that imbecilic, ill-conceived comment. 

Increasing prices were evident shortly after Biden took office. He initially ignored rapidly rising prices. By July he addressed the obvious but denied the facts, saying, “Some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation, but that’s not our view….[O]ur experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we’ve seen [were] expected and expected to be temporary.” In typical Biden-esque fashion, this president created a problem, ignored the results, then denied the topic, then said it was (all) “expected.” This ballooning, out-of-control inflation is on auto-pilot yet viewed as “temporary.” It’ll just magically wane away. 

The president said inflation will be better in early 2022. In contradiction, his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated last Sunday that it will prolong until “the middle to (the) end of next year.” Neither she nor the president offered a speck of an action plan to govern but declared, “We haven’t lost control.”

The porous southern border is an epic danger for Americans. The Western Journal, Oct. 25, reported that “the number of apprehended crossing the southern border illegally during fiscal year 2021…exceeds the population of 11 American states. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, so far there have been over 1.5 million encounters of people crossing the southwest border through August.” The operative word is “apprehended.” The “get-aways” substantially increase the numbers. The administration’s refusal to recognize the illicit activities invite and promote the lethal businesses of drugs and human trafficking. 

A double-down on the dangers of the aforementioned is the influx of COVID-infected illegal entrants. Hundreds of thousands have been released into the country with no viable tracing or consequences. Worse, the Biden administration hired airlines to transport migrants to various states…in the dark of the night. Think about this leniency and the welcome for known-infected illegal border-crossers, when you get kicked off of an airline flight because your 2-year-old refuses to keep a mask on or when you cannot visit your dying parent, spouse or child in the hospital, or on a lesser scale, not eat at a restaurant of your choice if you don’t disclose your private medical information to a non-medical stranger. 

There’s a very well-organized 3,000-people caravan making its way to the U.S. right now. Masses overran Mexico’s police and trek on. Some wear wearing Biden T-shirts and openly state they’re coming because of Joe Biden. 

The next peril is this administration weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service under the veil of needing to capture tax cheats. Biden’s affordable wish list includes hiring another 87,000 IRS agents. That’s a colossal number of new federal employees out to snoop into everyday John’s and Jane’s financial business. Wise up: They won’t be targeting the rich; they have to get the middle class to pay for their Santa agenda. This will be former IRS bad actor and predator Lois Lerner on steroids. 

Tax collection should start with President Biden’s finances. The Congressional Research Service reports the Bidens routed monies earned from book sales and speaking fees through an S corporation freeing them from paying about $500,000 in Medicare taxes. The Daily Mail referenced a Wall Street Journal report that called the skirting “inaccurate” tax reporting. The second revenue source would be collecting all back taxes owed by members of Congress. 

Biden and Democrats wring their hands over wealthy corporations, like Amazon, not paying any taxes in past years. This sempiternal whining is from the same people who write and enact the tax laws. Stop deflecting and institute an alternative minimum tax on C corporations that’s precise and not convoluted, like the AMT hard-working Americans are stuck with. 

This administration elects to ignore, deny and/or mock real threats to us. The latter is especially the mark of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She’s short on information, vacuous on fact and wildly long on snark. 

That’s odd messaging from President Unifier. 

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans. 

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