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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Instead of 50 people inside Russia, imagine if Chernobyl had killed 5 million people. Worldwide. Next, imagine if the Russians claimed complete innocence. They say a bat landed on the wrong switch, causing the cooling water to stop flowing. They’re not sure how the bat got inside the control room. Would you believe them?

Next, imagine if the American president played along. Imagine he turns a blind eye to the Russian culpability. In fact, imagine that his own family were proven to be on the Russian government payroll. Would that be OK with you?

Instead, this fictional president demands that every American wear homemade tinfoil anti-radiation hats, and get fast-fading anti-radiation shots every six months from companies aligned with his party. All his bureaucrat experts naturally agree. 

In fact, he’s so insistent that if you don’t comply, he decides to take away your job. He even includes anyone who has already recovered from radiation sickness, having far better protection than any of his shots. 

Rob Kerchner

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