Gary Morrison | Living Under Minority Rule

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

An old saying holds that “two people can keep a secret, as long as one of them is dead!” And yet we are regaled daily about a nationwide election fraud that had to involve, at least, thousands of our fellow citizens. A number of court cases regarding the subject have been dismissed because there was no hard evidence presented. It comes down to “our guy didn’t win, therefor there must have been fraud!”

To compound matters, based on the “stop the steal” movement, states are passing voting laws that are alleged to fix the evidence-free conclusion. When the founders of our country laid out the political process, they developed a “constitutional democratic republic,” which is a short way of saying the majority rules. Since that date, we have been living under various forms of “minority rule.” To maintain that, it has gotten more and more difficult. Until recently, organized violence has not been part of the equation, but based on a number of surveys, a goodly percentage of the population believes that it is acceptable to use violence to get your political way. To misquote the third mayor of Teminus, Salvor Hardin, “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

It will be difficult to come back down to what the founding fathers laid out, but we have to do it. The cost of continuing on this course is just too high.

Gary Morrison


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