Phentermine Over the Counter Alternatives – Best Phentermine Diet Pills for Weight Loss

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Phentermine is not an over the counter medication and because of this the United States Drug Authorities classified this as a banned substance. Not because Phentermine could be additive to some users but it has some unpredictable array of side effects. 

Best 3 Phentermine Over the Counter Diet Pills for 2022

The best Product Line to find the best OTC Phentermine alternatives are:

  1. Diet Pill Users Top Choice: PhenGold
  2. Best OTC Phentermine for Men: PrimeShred
  3. Best OTC Phentermine for Women: Trimtone

Safe over-the-counter phentermine weight loss supplements are the newest products in the line that promises to help out with weight loss goals through a different approach. We can say it’s a lot different than Phentermine but considering users shall take them with a workout plan and strict diet plan, this can be a breakthrough in the OTC Phentermine category. 

But why is every diet pill considered it must to compare with phentermine? Phentermine drug has been in the practice for so many years and during this period, most users obtained surprising results which was a wholesome reduction in the BMI. It’s not to be forgotten that Phentermine is also a synthetic form of drug and not natural, that’s why it has multiple side effects with long-term use. 

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is an anorectic drug that helps in the reduction of hunger in the users. The drug is also formulated to support the metabolism speed and that’s why doctors all over the world started to prescribe phentermine to obese individuals. Because of the Phentermine side effects, it is available only on prescription so one must imagine it’s not a natural supplement or diet to mess with. 

Phentermine side effects are not just dizziness or nausea that can be subsided but it involves some serious complications i.e. palpitation, increased blood pressure, and certain psychological changes. Phentermine holds a high risk of addiction because of which doctors in 2021 do not prescribe Phentermine as an anti-obesity medication anymore. 

Because of the side effects of Phentermine, the scientific community formed many clones to the compound but like every other lab-made substance, there is a wide array of side effects are always attached, even in people who weren’t supposed to experience them. Generic Adipex over the counter contains Phentermine which sometimes also comes with topiramate or fenfluramine. 

Phentermine over the counter alternatives presents a whole different set of story that one must be safe to hear. Unlike buying Phentermine illegally from unknown sources, OTC Phentermine is not so hard to find and they have quite a lot of endorsements by doctors.

Note: Not every Phentermine Over the Counter Alternative is to trust, some of them are really counterfeit diet pills while the effective ones are mentioned in this article. 

Natural Phentermine Alternatives Today

This is a fact that over the counter phentermine are nothing like phentermine but they are legal supplements for weight loss. However, every natural weight loss supplement doesn’t work like phentermine which means only the appetite suppression effect isn’t primarily effective anymore. Many companies are making natural diet pills as phentermine alternatives and only a few of them have got approval from the FDA for using the right type and amount of ingredients. 

According to the latest studies, weight loss supplements target appetite suppression as well as metabolism boost and thermogenesis which are some new and easy ways to burn fat. Fat burners for men and women are not the same because of the formula alteration according to their physiology, so we have listed the best OTC phentermine based on their results, priority, and ingredients.

#1 PhenGold – Top Choice for Previous Phentermine Users

Whether you are a man or woman, PhenGold works out its benefits on your body without neglecting the basic fat-burning mechanisms. PhenGold is the ideal supplement for people who are new to the diet pills or those with already a history of Phentermine addiction. This is sort of a gateway to escape the addiction and embrace the natural way to lose weight. 

Users who purchased and used PhenGold found it FAST-ACTING. The idea behind PhenGold diet pills is to boost appetite suppression and metabolism which is achieved through the proper absorption of the ingredients. 

PhenGold Ingredients

PhenGold has a favorable variety of energy boosters in the formula like green coffee that naturally improves mental and physical power. Besides performing a vast cleanse in your body, the ingredients of Phentermine keep the levels of nutrients high. These nutrients are nothing but a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins required for weight loss. 

PhenGold also contains DMAE and Rhodiola Rosea-like ingredients that fight off depression and reduce the over-eating patterns mostly observed in depressed individuals who are gaining weight. You can say, mood enhancers, appetite suppressants, and energy boosters are put together whole making PhenGold formula. 

In every serving, PhenGold (OTC Phentermine) provides:

  • 500mg Green Tea
  • 100mg Green Coffee
  • 250mg L-Theanine
  • 350mg L-Tyrosine
  • 250mg Rhodiola Rosea
  • 200mg Cayenne Pepper
  • 225mg Caffeine
  • 150mg DMAE
  • Vitamin B3, B6, B12

PhenGold Results

In such a short time PhenGold developed a trustworthy reputation amongst dieters that is because of the PhenGold results. In the customer post section in the PhenGold review, there is always an amazing physical transformation displayed by the users who found PhenGold as the best Phentermine alternative in 2021. 

According to them, PhenGold daily intake for just 4 weeks continued to provide them:

  • Diverse ingredients, clinically proven to burn fats
  • Improves the body performance
  • Burst fat tissues by metabolism boost
  • Suppress cravings from excessive eating
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Sharpens focus to stay motivated

PhenGold Availability

Because of the solid reputation of the PhenGold supplement, asking whether to buy it from Amazon or Walmart is futile. Like a regular diet pill that you merge with your whole lifestyle, PhenGold supplement is not so hard to find. In fact, you can buy PhenGold online easily than searching for it at the local stores. 

You can just type OTC Phentermine or simply go to the official website of PhenGold. The website is a lot easier to access and the price quoted on that is extremely reasonable than most otc diet pills nowadays. 

PhenGold is selling a single bottle for $59.99 instead of $79.99 but there is a catch “Buying 3 Month supply, you will get 2 month’s supply for free while the price remains $179.99”. 

#2 PrimeShred – Best OTC Phentermine for Men

In 2021, we saw men searching for otc phentermine at Walmart. 

PrimeShred as the majority of people described is a hardcore fat burner for men that is generally thought of as a pre-workout supplement. PrimeShred is used by men who have a cutting cycle in their minds to reduce their body weight. Any bodybuilder who goes to the cutting phase is melting off the fats which is existed for a long time. 

Minor dietary alteration and regular workout is required for PrimeShred results. The supplement protects the lean muscle mass at the time of fat burn which leaves the lean protein mass intact while targeting only fats. 

PrimeShred use burns more calories in men than what they burn during an ordinary workout. Transformation of ordinary workout to extraordinary is something that gets you a perfect shape and energy. This doesn’t mean the exercise or performance boost from PrimeShred will let you lose muscle mass. PrimeShred can be narrated to OTC Phentermine especially designed for men that so many athletes are using to improve their body composition. 

In a way, PrimeShred weight loss supplements give a competitive advantage to the athletes like steroid components. Only this is PrimeShred is merely available in capsule forms which keeps the hormonal balance and energy levels controlled. 

Binge eating is the rival to weight loss that OTC Phentermine supplements are supposed to work against, precisely speaking, PrimeShred appetite suppressants are involved with mood regulation which is another tactic to prevent users from excessive binge-eating. 

PrimeShred Ingredients

PrimeShred dosage is similar to OTC phentermine which is 3 capsules per day before breakfast. The good part about the PrimeShred weight loss supplement is it can be used before exercise as a form of pre-workout supplement which has also a particular role in fat burning. 

To keep your performance levels up, appetite low, and weight loss mechanism uplifted, each serving of PrimeShred provides 12 kinds of ingredients with an effective dose. 

  • Green Tea 500mg
  • L-Tyrosine 300mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea 250mg
  • L-Theanine 250mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 225mg
  • Cayenne Pepper 200mg
  • DMAE 150mg
  • Niacin 15mg
  • Vitamin B6 1.3mg
  • Vitamin B12 24mcg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 100mg
  • BioPerine 5mg

Anything comparable to phentermine will not look like this since there are appetite suppressants, thermogenic ingredients, metabolic boosters, performance enhancers, and natural fat burners in PrimeShred that presents themselves as something like men have never seen before in diet pills. 

PrimeShred Results

Diet pills that are designed using more than 10 ingredients are simply hardcore fat burners since they have so many ways to burn fat. PrimeShred uniquely sculpts a body using a combination of proven ingredients so users shall receive the finest results. 

As per the customer feedbacks and PrimeShred content creators, PrimeShred results are not less than what best pre-workout supplements offer, these are:

  • Complete and Natural body transformation
  • Performance enhancement to the peak for exercise and internal fat burn
  • Activation of fat-burning hormones
  • Natural metabolism boosters accelerate thermogenesis and faster fat burn

Primeshred Availability

Phentermine alternative GNC are hard to find but PrimeShred is a click away from you to buy it at a discount. The best fat burner for men in 2021 arent available at GNC, Walmart, and Amazon. This discussion has got out of our hands so many times. This direct us to the official company website which in every diet pill’s case is the easiest way to buy OTC Phentermine. 

PrimeShred price and availability demonstrate the figure that is feasible to everyone. This makes pre-workout supplements not a priority to elite athletes anymore, PrimeShred is designed for everyone dedicated and ready to lose bodyweight. 

Here is how the PrimeShred manufacturer sells the best fat burner for men. 

  • One bottle of PrimeShred is $49.99 + $7.95 charges for shipping. Delivery charges is only present with this offer whereas:
  • PrimeShred 3 Bottles offer comes with a $99.99 price tag and 5 Bottles offer for $149.99, while they both share free shipping offers.
  • PrimeShred price gets approx. $29.99 for a single bottle when you purchase multiple packs offer. 

#3 Trimtone – Best OTC Phentermine for Women

Due to the negative effects of phentermine on the brain, females do experience the side effects of phentermine more than men do. Trimtone is the idea to make OTC phentermine that works ideally as a female fat burner.

As a runner-up to the best weight loss supplements in 2021, Trimtone is made to accomplish the need of females during weight loss. The formula is made to burn fat, reduce appetite and help females get a rapid and steady metabolism. 

Like the perfectly safe OTC phentermine, Trimtone ingredients are natural without them using caffeine in their formula and supports multiple methods to lose weight. Trimtone dosage is also designed as per women’s requirements of diet pills, only 1 pill in a day manages to induce thermogenesis and naturally burn the belly fat. 

Additionally, Trimtone confirms the appetite suppression in females who have normally arousing cravings occur every hour. Women, on the other hand, demands excessive calories burn while simultaneously making their mental health unaffected. That is what Trimtone diet pills do with the “Around-The-Clock” effect that keeps the fat burning on go the whole day. 

Trimtone Ingredients

Ingredients in Trimtone qualify it to be the best phentermine over the counter for females. Trimtone ingredients as we know, hit the fat reservoir hard and by hitting we mean targets them for a perfect flow of energy in the body. Fat cells after incineration become the very source for energy in the body that keeps the mental functions escalated and physical performance high. 

In the Trimtone formula, ingredients that are perfect for female weight loss available are:

  • Green Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Grains of Paradise
  • Glucomannan
  • Caffeine

Check out the Trimtone official website to see the clinical proofs about the ingredients and how the supported hundreds of females lose more than 30lbs in 8 weeks. 

Trimtone Results

Trimtone results show that some females managed to lose 30 pounds within a month. The delivery of the product is rapid and so many customers attempted to start Trimtone dosage the very next day. 

OTC Phentermine for females (Trimtone) initiates thermogenesis first in females which leads the metabolism to pick a unanimous speed for fat loss. Then Trimtone fat-burning ingredients suppress the appetite and massive caloric destruction takes place within 48 hours. 

Females are more prone to weight loss than men if both attempted the same practices, this is why Trimtone offers a single capsule as per day dosage so that side effects would be second to none. In addition to that, the Trimtone diet formula does not have negative implications on female menstrual cycles or females going through menopause.

The idea to get a perfect body shape using Trimtone is mainly encompassed strong appetite suppression that females find hard to control. 

Availability- Trimtone Where to Buy?

We are rectifying females who are visiting Walmart and GNC every day to buy Trimtone. Because of the company’s orders, Trimtone diet pills are called to be the best OTC phentermine for females which is not currently available in Walmart and GNC. 

Trimtone before and after results are nothing like ordinary diet pills for women, but it’s entirely different since it matches with a female’s body. 

Trimtone fat burner is not so expensive and that’s what makes it the best choice for female dieters. 

  • 1 month supply is available for $49.99
  • 2 Months + 1 Month supply for free is available: $99.99
  • 3 Months + 2 Months’ supply for free: $149.99

Phentermine vs. OTC Phentermine

Natural alternatives to Phentermine are easy to buy, they are also financially feasible because of the pricing. Noticed that the best 3 OTC Phentermine biggest supply is not more than $160 and this portrays an easy solution for dieters for whom years have passed with no success in weight loss goals. 

Natural Phentermine Alternatives are also 100% safer than Phentermine, with no negative brain or body-related side effects in men and women. The existence of the natural fat-burning ingredients (as Green labeled) makes them non-toxic which makes them worth a shot. 

OTC Phentermine are easy to buy as you don’t need to go to the doctor and ask for a phentermine prescription. The case with Phentermine is completely ridiculous since the doctor needs you to take the prescription and only get a few dosages until the next doctor’s appointment. Frustrating as it may sound, better to focus on buying OTC Phentermine than purchasing Adipex and cry on side effects later. 

Phentermine Alternatives Side Effects

Gotten our results from the unbiased clinical studies on the natural ingredients which promote weight loss. 

About every ingredient mentioned in PhenGold, PrimeShred, and Trimtone, most of them are commonly used as traditional medicine for energy-boosting purposes. Latest studies show increasing their dosage is extremely potent against weight gain without tampering with the immune system and metabolism. 

OTC Phentermine because of its sheer effects and natural ingredients are deemed non-toxic than actual Phentermine.

Conclusion to Best 3 Phentermine Alternatives in 2021

Phentermine medication is not only effective for weight loss but it’s dangerous too. 

The ramifications you have to go through (both physically and legally) is just too hard to handle and that’s what Phentermine medication could do. Yes, you can lose a significant amount of fat in a month but comparing the side effects of phentermine, the results are nothing. 

On this note, we chose the best 3 alternatives to Phentermine medication that works like the drug but has no side effects. Let us clarify this part more because diet pills like OTC Phentermine are designed to work best with alternate diet plans and regular exercise which Phentermine dosage needs occasionally. 

  1. In 2021, PhenGold is the top choice for beginner dieters. 
  2. PrimeShred is the OTC Phentermine for Men who cares more about getting ripped than slimmer. 
  3. Trimtone is the legally sold OTC Phentermine for females that possibly covers every aspect of fat loss in females. 

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