Arthur Saginian | Calling for a Voter Boycott

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In his letter (Oct. 21) Thomas Oatway stated that he doesn’t always agree with Democrats and their policies. Neither do I. He also said that he is not registered with either party. Neither am I. Furthermore, he’s suspicious of Donald Trump and the MAGA crowd. 

Were we separated at birth?

Thomas Oatway finally states that he will no longer vote for Republicans unless someone puts a gun to his head. But that only solves half the problem. I will go the step further and propose that we not vote for any Democrats, either. 

I call that voter “self-suppression.” Why vote for either side seeing as how they are both equally worthless? 

So, going back to Mr. Oatway’s first paragraph, wouldn’t it be interesting if voters like us, “a major voting block in California,” just stopped voting? It’s called a boycott. Would we then get our due respect or would we just be forgotten entirely? 

Who can say in a world run amok? I wonder if Mr. Oatway would agree with me on that.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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