Dennis C. Bartash | A Nice Christmas Story

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Letters to the Editor
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My name is Dennis Bartash and I am a resident of Canyon Country and a disabled Vietnam veteran. About three weeks ago I lost my wallet. I’m not sure where I lost it.

I contacted all the stores I was at and posted that I had lost my wallet in our local internet newsletter. The wallet contained my driver’s license, military IDs, credit cards, and I had just cashed a check to pay bills so there was more than $300 in the wallet.

As time went by, I gave up and figured that somebody needed the money and didn’t have the courage to return the wallet.

On Dec. 23 in the evening, a Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s deputy knocked at the door and asked me if I was Mr. Bartash. I replied, “Yes, I am,” and then he said someone had turned in my wallet and he wanted to deliver it to me. I asked the deputy if I could give him a reward and he said absolutely not, and merry Christmas. I went into the house to open my wallet and, to my amazement, everything was there — the money, identification cards, credit cards, and even a few lottery tickets.

This truly was the Christmas spirit and I only have to thank the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, the deputy who returned my wallet, and the citizen who turned in the wallet. 

It really restored my faith in the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley. I’m sending you this because I think it’s something people should know.

Have a happy holiday season everyone.

Dennis C. Bartash

Canyon Country

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