John Weaver | Biden Fiascoes Piling Up

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After watching President Joe Biden’s foreign policy for the last year — the fiasco failure in Afghanistan, insulting the French with the submarine deal in Australia, leaving the door open for the Chinese to attack Taiwan, the stupid decision to allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and now a completely incoherent reaction to Russian threats in Ukraine — I am reminded of an often-used quote regarding management from my pre-retirement days. 

To wit: “When confused or in doubt, run around, scream and shout.” 

Seems to fit the Biden State Department perfectly. 

Remember that Secretary of State Tony Blinken was a chief deputy to Hillary Clinton for her Libya policy, which traded bad but quiet Muammar Gaddafi for a much worse Islamic extremist who now runs a burgeoning slave trade in the country. 

Blinken was also a chief architect of the Barack Obama “run away quickly” policy in Iraq, which led to the rise of ISIS. 

Can anyone imagine a more seemingly anti-American but probably just incompetent set of clowns to run America’s foreign policy. God help us!   

John Weaver

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