Gary Morrison | Election Fraud: Put Up or Shut Up

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Diane Zimmerman, letters, March 5.

Sooner or later, this has to be said, regarding election fraud: Put up, or shut up! That is in the same schoolyard vernacular that your fraud claims are said in! Comes Diane Zimmerman, claiming she saw fraud taking place (in the Gov. Gavin Newsom recall election) when she was a poll (observer). 

Some questions come to mind: 1. Since fraud is a crime, did she call the Sheriff’s Department with her evidence? 2.Did she gather and preserve evidence of the crime? 3. Has she filed a complaint with the District Attorney? This type of alleged conspiracy doesn’t spontaneously take place. Has she any specifics about who coordinated this crime? Again, apparently not!

Attorney General William Barr has said there was no fraud. Chris Krebs, who oversaw the election from Homeland Security, said this election was probably the “cleanest on record”! Sixty court cases alleging fraud were thrown out of court, including the Supreme Court, due to lack of evidence. It is time, it is way past time, to show us how (Donald Trump)lost due to fraud. Saying it over and over again does not make it factual. As things stand now, whenever Diane’s group loses an election, they will refuse to accept the result and claim fraud! 

Can we please stop this nonsense and get back to being a country of laws, not men?

Gary Morrison


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