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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I think Mr. Christopher Lucero exposed himself this morning (March 11) by sharing what The Signal called “A Satirical Memo” — “as humor.” Really? Yes, I think Mr. Lucero exposed himself as a biased liberal, at least that’s my take on a memo that was allegedly found in a conference room after a Republican strategy meeting in Washington, D.C. What Mr. Lucero failed to mention is that the exact same memo was found in the conference room down the hall after a Democratic strategy meeting. What a convenient omission.  

You know, I have about had it with leftists bashing the right and vice versa. I sincerely hope I have established myself as someone who bashes everyone indiscriminately, and even his own when it’s called for, though I don’t know of anyone I could call “my own.” I bash anyone who is a member (or even a supporter) of a political party, and I often find it absurd that anyone would even choose a side (and that includes independents). That by itself makes them a target for bashing as there is no such thing as a side that has all of the correct answers to all of the questions. 

Democrats may be good at this, but they really suck at that, and the exact same can be made for Republicans, Libertarians, independents, as well as the rest of them, not to mention those who register as “decline to state.” Nobody is always right about everything. What I would find refreshing, as it would be a demonstration of genuine honesty, would be to see everyone openly bash their own.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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