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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As I read the letters on this “pandemic,” whatever, it becomes clear to me that those who are not concerned tend to be conservative and those who are concerned, often to the point of hysterics, tend to be liberal. So I asked myself, what is the main thing that differentiates conservatives from liberals when it comes to dealing with adversity, and I could come up with only one thing: Which institution’s doctrines do they follow? Funny, it’s for that reason I feel both groups should be clinically institutionalized, but that’s the topic for another letter.

On the whole, in general, usually, conservatives turn toward religious institutions while liberals turn toward secular ones, when seeking safe harbor and solace from the myriad of physical dangers in this world. Conservatives turn toward the Bible, their church, priest and fellow parishioners, while liberals turn toward the government, doctors and lawyers. In short, the mystical versus the rational. But I am seeing some vulnerabilities and limitations in the rational approach, of which the mystical approach is relatively free — hence, the roots of concern for liberals versus the absence of such for conservatives. Odd how the “rational” approach also causes “irrational” behavior — another letter.

Where the abilities of humans (and false gods) fall short and fail, the abilities of God hit the mark and triumph, and even I can’t knock something if it works (for them). It’s what gives people the courage to become martyrs. I think it’s really that simple, and I think even the Rev. David Hegg would agree with me on that. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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