Max Morgan | Why Debates Have Been Unfair

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Letters to the Editor
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A new week, another tired nostrum from Lois Eisenberg (April 22) bashing all things Republican and Donald Trump. It must be sad going through life with so much disdain for the Republican Party and Trump.

Contrary to what Eisenberg would have us believe, the Republican National Committee is not withdrawing from all presidential debates — only those hosted by the CPD, Commission on Presidential Debates. And why wouldn’t they? Further participation makes about as much sense as keeping Russia as a member of the U.N.’s Human Rights Commission.

The mainstream media and the CPD has repeatedly proven itself to be an overt arm of the Democratic Party. Before the first presidential debate was held in 2020, 26 states had already begun early voting. After the debate format had already been agreed to by both parties, the CPD made unilateral changes without the consent or the approval of the Republican National Committee. 

In addition, one of the 2020 debate moderators selected by the CPD was none other than Steve Scully, who had previously worked for Joe Biden. Could Scully be expected to remain unbiased and neutral? I highly doubt it. Furthermore, had the second 2020 presidential debate been held, the format selected by the CPD was to have been virtual. A virtual debate would have been a clear advantage to Joe Biden, who hid in his basement during a majority of the 2020 campaign, and has repeatedly demonstrated diminished cognition.

Going forward the RNC only wants fairness and transparency in future presidential debates. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. 

Max Morgan


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