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Letters to the Editor
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It has been said, “Build it and they will come.” Well it has been built, and they are coming. I am referring to the ever-growing homeless encampment behind the Shell station at the corner of McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard. Why is this being allowed? Already we are seeing transients passed out in a drug-induced stupor on the sidewalks and bus benches in the area. In fact, a dead body one can only assume “resided” there was discovered just last week not far from the encampment. How long will it be before they start walking into our stores, helping themselves to whatever they want and walking out without paying for it? Consider also the influx of heroin, meth, fentanyl and whatever other drugs they seem to acquire quite easily. Let us also not forget about the filth and human waste that are part and parcel with such encampments.

I work in Van Nuys, and am thankful every day that I can leave the morass allowed to fester there. For that we have Eric Garcetti and the equally useless L.A. City Council to thank. We, however, are not subject to that same woke reign of terror.

I beseech Sheriff Alex Villanueva to do what he did in Venice and near the Veterans Administration in West Los Angeles. Clean things out before they get a firm foothold. I also call upon Rep. Mike Garcia and our own mayor and City Council for their aid in eradicating this problem.

Those of us who live in the area fear for our safety and that of our children and grandchildren. If this is allowed to become the status quo as it has in much of the San Fernando Valley and many areas of Los Angeles, what will that do to our “master planned community”?

Please do not let that happen here. I really do not want to be saying, “I told you so,” as I am packing up for the move to another state.

Robert Chomuk


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