Spring Decorating: Don’t be afraid to have fun

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By Jim Walker

Signal Staff Writer

Though spring is a seasonal change, it’s not really about the weather, which, locally, has been kind of erratic, swinging from rain to wind to heat and back to cool. Spring is more of a feeling, a sense of rejuvenation and rebirth, signified by easy-breezy furnishings and finally taking down the Christmas lights. Your spring décor adjustments can run from the large, such as swapping curtains and inlaws, to smaller adjustments, such as putting out pastel coasters.

Poking around the internet, you will find a lot of good advice on spring décor, though some of it might be more than your energy or budget will allow, such as changing your wallpaper, or buying new spring curtains, if you didn’t already have such seasonals in storage. One large, but free suggestion is rearranging your existing furniture. You could open things up a bit and gain a new perspective. Decluttering is also cost-free, but that should have been done during your spring cleaning.

Switching out your darker furniture pillows for those with a spring feel is recommended by many pros, as is replacing “heavier” table arrangements with the pastel colors of artificial or fresh flowers, and bringing in green with potted plants. A spring wreath on the door and/or wall welcomes guests to the season.

If you are clever enough and dedicated enough, you can introduce an overall theme to your spring décor, from table settings to shelves to vases and lamps and pillows — knowing that lighter colors and textures are a hallmark of the season. But, if you find yourself stumped and clueless as to the specifics of that, why not visit your local décor store? Here you can get good advice, motivation and see some great examples.

Herein, we get some expert advice from the Michaels company’s Andrea Manning, Senior Director, Trend, Design and Packaging.

First off, you might wonder what “feeling” most people want to elicit from their spring décor, and what are the perennial go-tos in that. “Natural materials, textures and neutral colors continue to be important,” Manning said. “But neutrals are warming up into more mushrooms, browns and creams. People are also ready to add in fun! They are layering in pops of color, handmade touches, florals, pattern mixing and unique or nostalgic pieces.”

But you might also wonder what trends are particularly popular this spring. In that, Manning offers three categories: colors, fabrics and individual items. “Colors include lavender, purples, shades of blue and warm neutrals, such as creams, ginger, wild mushroom and browns. Pinks are also warming up and going more coral.”

“When it comes to fabrics,” Manning said, “handmade and homespun are popular, as are linen and textured cottons.”

She said that touches of spring this year include items such as pottery, baskets, pressed floral art, ferns and greenery.

In regard to the trends she already mentioned, Manning noted that, for this spring, Michaels is emphasizing colors of lavender, water blues and warm neutrals.

In addition to the linen and textured cottons, Michaels is featuring madras plaid and seersucker. In addition to the pottery, florals and greenery, Michaels is featuring imperfect ceramics and textured, functional storage pieces.

“Our collections this spring include Into the Garden, Spring Clean, French Chateau and Very Berry,” Manning said.

Manning also offered advice on some dos and don’ts for your spring décor. “ Do layer in your hand-made, heirloom and nostalgic pieces to personalize your spring, and mix and match color and patterns,” she said. “Do not be afraid to have fun or be too minimal. Mix in pops of color, patterns and textures.”

For those on a budget, Manning suggests you, “Upcycle pieces you have, and DIY them to make them new again!”

In summary, Manning said. “Do not be afraid to have fun with your spring decor! Layer in pops of color, bring the outdoors in with florals and greenery, mix and match patterns and textures to give your neutrals base and your own unique refresh for spring.”

For more information visit www.michaels. com.

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