Gary Curtis | Biden’s Baby-Formula Failure

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Many parents across this country are reported to be terrified of the drought of baby formula available on store shelves. 

According to Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Florida, “(President Joe) Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, store shelves across America are empty and moms are being told they don’t know when more is coming in. Welcome to Biden’s America, where American moms and dads are last.” Cammack continued in a Facebook post, “What is infuriating to me is that this is another example of an ‘America last’ agenda.”

While the new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could not identify exactly who in the Biden Administration was working on this crisis, Border Patrol agents have, reportedly, been instructed not to take baby formula home for their own children. 

The looming food crisis is not affecting the United States alone. Russia is ruining the crops of Ukrainian farmers and even stealing their harvesting equipment. Elsewhere, global farmers warn that the costs of farming have increased due to supply chain issues, limiting the necessary fertilizers and fuels for modern farming.

When human hubris expands and modern society rejects God and His righteous ways, bad things may happen. Humble prayers and genuine repentance will open the windows of heaven, so God can again bless our families and heal our land. (See 2 Chronicles 7:14, in the Old Testament).

Gary Curtis


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