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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Jonathan Kraut submitted a column (March 29) on holding the “free press” accountable for deliberate misinformation, and The Signal called it “The Fourth Branch of Government.” He proposed a media court. There’s just one problem with that: The media court will be composed of people, that is, human beings. It will thus be vulnerable to, subjected to, and inevitably cave in to, special-interest pressure, public as well as private. It will become corrupted, just like everything else we establish for the greater public good. 

There’s nowhere to run when you’re running from yourself, Mr. Kraut, and that’s something a liberal activist is absolutely incapable of understanding. 

I suggest you stop complaining about humans being human and just be glad we haven’t already self-destructed, because given what we are, we already should have. 

Yeah, just be glad things aren’t even worse.

Arthur Saginian
Santa Clarita

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