Dennis Bartash | Nothing Wrong with Registering Guns

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Letters to the Editor
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A copy of a letter to Rep. Mike Garcia:

In my day the National Rifle Association taught us how to fire weapons. They didn’t promote that everyone should have a weapon. I worked for the Kohler Co. in Wisconsin, and they had a rifle club that provided a rifle range and M-14 rifles. The company worked with the NRA to run the range. The club secured the weapons after we were done firing them.

In Wisconsin, many people hunt, as well as I did. We were taught how to use weapons responsibly.

Armor-piercing ammunition and high-capacity ammunition magazines are not for civilians, only for the military and law enforcement officials. Personally I don’t think there’s any need for a magazine containing more than 10 rounds for civilians.

I don’t see anything wrong with a background check, class, registration and license for people with AR-type weapons and guns in general. After all, we have to have to pass a test to drive and have registration and license for our cars. I guess vehicles are considered weapons of mass destruction.

Since my day in Wisconsin, the gun lobbyists have convinced people that having a gun without any restrictions is like American apple pie, something everyone is entitled to.

I wish you would sponsor a bill that would require a background check, training and registration of weapons of all those who have a weapon, and ensure that there’s a secure place to store the weapon(s). 

Only a paranoid person would be against this. No one will come and take away weapons. It’s just that when you register them, you are less apt to use them irresponsibly.

Dennis Bartash

Canyon Country

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