Ron Bischof | A Hollow Call for Compromise

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In The Signal opinion column entitled “Compromise, Actually Get Things Done,” published June 8, Gary Horton wrote: “Firearm management is easy: Assault weapons are military-grade weapons and should be removed from public circulation and reserved for the military. And we enforce reasonable background checks and licensing for everything else. There’s no need to ‘come take away’ self-protection weapons or sports weapons.” 

I don’t find Mr. Horton’s claim to be interested in compromise credible because of what he’s written in The Signal public online comments in direct response to a column I wrote. He stated: “Let’s get this straight. We DO want to come and take your guns. Really. Be afraid, be very afraid. We want to take your assault guns away. Yes, yes we do. Why? Because they are built for killing on a mass scale and we don’t need those damn things around in a civil society. As far as I’m concerned, ditto with handguns.” 

Readers should keep these words in mind when Horton calls for “compromise.” 

Ron Bischof


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