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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Those of us who lament the brutal murder of 19 innocent children and two wonderful teachers in Texas are sick of “thoughts and prayers.” Killers like this 18-year-old should never have owned a military-styled weapon that is only intended to kill the maximum number of humans in the shortest possible time.

In my youth I enjoyed guns, hunting and target shooting. There were no AR-15 weapons for sale and in the hands of ordinary citizens. Evil and crazy people could still do harm with a weapon, but not one that could kill 30 humans in a few short minutes. The public has bought into the fantasy that having an arsenal of powerful weapons will ensure that the federal government can never swoop in and take away their Second Amendment freedoms. This is insanity, and if you think like this, you should never be allowed to own any gun.

It is far too easy for a disturbed individual to purchase two powerful killing machines within days of turning 18 and take out his anger on precious elementary school children. We need legislators to stop this lunacy, enacting laws to restrict purchase of guns without background checks, or a dangerous mental health history. People knew that this child killer, like the murderer in Buffalo, was seriously disturbed. Secondly, reinstate the assault weapons ban, and collect all of the millions of these dangerous and patently useless weapons from Americans whose manhood is not actually enhanced by the ability of their guns to kill children.

Thomas Oatway


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