Thomas Oatway | Tyranny of the Minority

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A huge segment of America now fears that our democracy is at severe risk. The attack on voting rights, women’s right to choose, and failure to enact legislation to protect society from gun violence are prime examples of a failure of our constitutional government. 

Polls show that 88% of all Americans support background checks on all gun purchases. Two-thirds of Americans want to preserve Roe v. Wade and women’s right to legal abortions. The U.S. is being controlled by a minority in virtually every case. 

The Constitution allows the state of Wyoming, with one member of the House based on population, to have the same number of senators as California, with 54 House members. A minority of senators can block a vote on any legislation with only 41 votes against the other 59. 

A Supreme Court packed by a president who got a minority of the popular vote is ready to junk 49 years of precedent on abortion rights. A minority of members of Congress, 147 in all, voted not to certify a duly elected president. Unfortunately, one of those votes was by Mike Garcia, our District 25 representative. 

Clearly, the government of the people and by the people is failing. We need a new Constitution. And a new representative.

Thomas Oatway


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