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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rebuttal to Gary Morrison’s rebuttal to my letter, June 26:

Gary, Gary, Gary! Where to begin? First off, I was kind of honored that you said my name three times in a row! Then, as I went back to find out why I remembered your name, I found I am not the only one you bestow that honor on. Kinda hurts! 

I am suspecting several things about you, Gary. Reminder, just my opinion: 

You don’t like Donald Trump? 

You don’t care for the Second Amendment? 

You are upset over the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade? 

You are upset over the Supreme Court’s ruling on Second Amendment gun rights? 

You think abortion is fine and dandy? 

You think Gov. Gavin Newsom, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón and all of their cohorts are doing a mighty fine job for California? 

You are “registered” as a Democrat? 

A great number of real Democrats are so disillusioned by the FAR left’s taking over of their party that they are leaving the party in droves. My thoughts are that they are registering as one of the following: 

• Republican (mostly conservative, with several “RINOs” exposing themselves lately). 

• Independent (a far-right political party, according to dictionary). 

• No party (I “think” these folks usually do write-ins on their ballots. But, in most cases I believe they can vote for someone in one of the parties above.) 

Actually, In my opinion, there should be another party: The New World Order Party (aka Communist).

This party may (in my opinion) work best for you because you could be in good company such as: Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, the Bidens, the Obamas, the Bushes, Soros, Gates, Blackrock, the Squad, CNN, Gascón. I hope I’m not hurting any feelings by leaving someone out, but, you know, folks who feel the same as I think you do. 

I used to be registered as a Democrat. Switched to Republican after President Ronald Reagan took office. That’s when I, finally, realized that the FAR left had been infiltrating and completely changing the Democratic Party for quite some time. 

Now, I am going to give you brief answers to your oh-so-clever rebuttal to my letter. Actually, you forced me to re-read it and I find that I am quite happy with it as it is. Thanks. I feel better. 

Capitol videos: You are so funny! I consider you are joking with me. To be exact: The Capitol videos taken inside every nook and cranny inside and outside the Capitol itself and all the surrounding grounds. The so-called Jan. 6 committee refuses to demand the release of them to both the committee and the public. Should have been demanded that they be turned over on the first day of this sham. Case closed on that topic, sir. 

You, in your wisdom, tell me, and the rest of those you keep rebutting, exactly why they are not being released. I can not guarantee which way it will go after they are reviewed in their entirety. Can you? 

Voter fraud: Gary, Gary, Gary! 

You have stated that I never answered your question regarding me having “proof” of fraud in the 2020 election. You must have missed my answer, which was printed in the March 5 edition of this paper. Note: I pointed out your incorrect statement. You need to go back and read that article. Actually, it would be a pretty good idea for anyone reading this to go back and read the March 5 letter. 

I meant what I said about helping you out! 

By the way, I, also, answered your remark about Bill Barr.

Anthony Fauci: All you have to do in regard to Fauci is listen to his statements from the start of this pandemic through his latest statements. He throws himself under the bus. 

Have you even bothered to check out all of the evidence from thousands of renowned doctors and scientists all over the world as to how much damage these untested vaccines have done to so many of those who have succumbed to having them injected into their bodies? So many more adverse reactions every single day, popping up out of nowhere. So very sad that your administration is using its own citizens and their children as guinea pigs for these injections. 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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