Robert Lamoureux | How can we cool off the pool deck?

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question: Robert, thank you for donating your time and answering questions from readers. We’ve learned a lot from your articles and are happy you’ve done it for so long. The heat we are having currently is a harsh reminder of how hot our pool deck is and how we really want to do something about that for the sake of our grandbabies and their little feet.  

We have them over often for swimming and it’s a constant battle trying to keep their feet safe from burns on the incredibly hot deck. Is there anything that can be applied to the concrete decking that will help, and last at the same time?  

We are not opposed to maintenance — it’s more important to have our family more comfortable in the yard. Thank you in advance for your help.  

— Josie G.   

Answer: Josie, if you’re not opposed to maintenance, then I would recommend a cool deck system. This is a texture-coated system that is applied in several stages that will be top-coated with a light color, of course.  

The standard colors come in about 12 different options. I would recommend that you contact an installer to do this, being that these are urethane-based products that need to be applied in certain time lines.   

The maintenance is based on usage and the chemicals in the water. The acids and chlorine are what damages the climb-in areas of the pool, the worst.  

Typically, the topcoat needs to be reapplied every other year — this is a general rule. This will solve the issues you’re describing and give your family some relief. Good luck. 

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