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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is hard to believe, but we now have parents taking children to risqué “pride parades,” ”drag queens” flamboyantly exposing themselves to children in public libraries and bars, as well as some public schools introducing pedophilic literature in a national effort to prematurely sexualize our children. Witness the suggestive content and sexualized products from Disney, Netflix and Tik Tok.

Slate magazine recently claimed it’s a “good thing” to expose children to drag shows. They argued that minors are “mature enough” to handle “sexual innuendo.” Maybe they should start with their own children? But why would we wish such child abuse on anyone?

Where kindergarten and grade school kids may be exposed to these sexual issues and “gender-bending” ideology, it is robbing them of their innocence and grooming them for an adult lifestyle for which they are not prepared.

Horrified parents have responded to such perverse practices in some communities across America by calling out school boards, reckless companies and irresponsible adults. Some are publicly opposing the more aggressive ones as sexual “coaches,” “groomers,” or even “predators.” 

They don’t like that! Social media platforms censor these terms as “hate speech.” But, these are our children and grandchildren! They are becoming too sexy, too soon! 

“The science” regarding human biology is incontrovertible. All the trillions of cells in an adult human being are permanently encoded as either male or female (XY or XX) chromosomes. Changing clothes, hairstyles or pronouns doesn’t transform a biological man into a woman. Likewise, removing or manipulating body parts or receiving chemical injections will not make a woman a man.

May God help us all!

Gary Curtis


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