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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently (Aug. 9) my wife, Kay, and I had the opportunity to hear our congressman speak at the Reagan Library’s speaker series, “A Time for Choosing.” Without question, his speech was brilliantly written (he writes his own speeches) and delivered. The content showed a clear understanding of our Constitution and its intended application in a capitalist, free society. I encourage readers to hear the entire one-hour speech online. 

Central to the tone of his presentation was a respectful and civil approach to meeting the challenges facing America today. Among many concerns he cited, it is clear Mike Garcia is prepared to defend an America First agenda. Such a policy must include the world’s strongest military. Paraphrased highlights from this posture (with Rep. Garcia quotes) include: 

• Saying NO to globalization as it threatens the U.S. Constitution and our economy. 

• Deciding on a simple U.S. military mission: “Deter or win!” 

• Protecting Americans, her allies, our weaponry and our sovereignty (e.g., Afghan exit and U.S. southern border disaster). Despite U.S. State Department reluctance, Mike’s team brokered return of more than  100 Americans from Afghanistan. “American lives matter!”  

• Removing woke ideology from our military: “A woke military is a broke military.” 

• Restoring U.S. military dominance on the world stage, including nuclear armament — no one wants a nuclear war but if it happens, “We’d better win.” 

• Eliminating presidential appeasement (especially with China): “Ambiguity breeds hostility; clarity and strength actually breed peace.” 

• Addressing NOW our border and crime crisis — NO defunding police; NO illegal entries. 

The Reagan series is entitled “A Time for Choosing,” but Mike stressed that today in America, a time for choice is over: “We have no choice but to put America first under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” District 27 is blessed to have a representative who is willing to fight like he is in the cockpit of a Navy F-18 fighter jet, well-armed for the daily rancor in Congress with the evil intents of the far-left Democrats. His military discipline is sorely needed in the raucous political arena today. A vote for Mike Garcia on Nov. 8 will help assure a return to the highly successful America First posture to protect all Americans’ unalienable rights and freedom from the threatening tyranny of socialism or worse. Clearly, we will applaud his continuing presence in Congress as did the audience at the Reagan Library when they gave him a resounding standing ovation! 

Larry Bustetter


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