Robert Plassmeyer | Is it a Fetus or a Baby?

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Letters to the Editor
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In response to Mr. Joshua Heath’s column (July 26) on abortion rights:

Mr. Heath states society does not have to believe the unborn baby is an actual life. Well, it’s not a dog life or a cow life, it’s a human life that lives and grows and has all the characteristics and a body that all humans have. 

He states the law gives certain rights to people when they turn 18. What about the right to life, which is in our Constitution written by our government and our society? He states the government doesn’t have to force our daughters to value the unborn, it’s written in their DNA. If women value the unborn, why do they want to kill their unborn baby? He states women are pro-life. How can a woman be pro-life and still kill their unborn baby?

It comes down to, is it a fetus or a baby? Women who want to kill it will call it a fetus. Pro-life people will call it a baby. 

I don’t think there are many people who while being carried inside their mother and asked by their mother if they wanted to die would have said yes. 

Robert Plassmeyer 


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