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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Before voting this November for our congressional representative, please look closely at Mike Garcia’s record. Asked why Garcia signed an amicus brief alongside other House Republicans urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, Garcia responded that SCOTUS had overreached in its initial decision back in 1973, and he believed it should not have been federally imposed on the states. It should be a state’s right to decide, he added. 

But according to a recent (newspaper) article, Garcia cosponsored a bill that would effectively ban abortion nationwide. Now that’s what I would consider to be a federal government overreach!

Even after the Uvalde elementary school massacre, Garcia, backed by monetary donations from the NRA, believes that it’s the right for every American to own an AR-15-style rifle. I guess it’s good for hunting those hard-to-kill animals, too. We need common-sense gun control and, as a military man, Garcia knows how lethal these types of weapons are in the hands of the untrained.

Garcia and his Republican friends are against college debt forgiveness for low-income students, but happily supports the tax cuts for the most wealthy that went into effect from the previous administration. How is it OK to subsidize the most prolific American companies and rich businessmen, that we also help pay for with our taxes, but not assist those less fortunate? 

Though the FBI went through the appropriate legal channels to obtain a proper search warrant to obtain highly sensitive and classified government documents from the previous president’s home, Garcia called out the FBI as being (similar to) the “Third Reich.” Really? Comparing the men and women who protect us from foreign and domestic terrorists to Nazis? But Garcia, when asked at a recent question-and-answer session states, “I said that in the heat of the moment. When you talk about Nazis, you should only be talking about Nazis,” Garcia said. “It was a mistake. I take full ownership of that comment. There’s no excuse for that comparison. It won’t happen again.” 

Is his rush to judgement predicated on what the former president says? Where is the “heat of the moment”?  Do we really want our representatives to blurt out emotional statements without investigating the facts first?

It seems to me that Mike Garcia has no integrity and is willing to subject us to the will of the previous president. My fear is that if Garcia loses to Christy Smith he’ll cry “election fraud!”

Does one have to lose faith in our American democracy, the judicial system, the FBI, CIA, and all other law enforcement agencies if they fail to win an election? The answer simply is no, and no to Mike Garcia. The Santa Clarita Valley needs a congressperson that represents all of its constituents and not beholden to a party of one.

Edward Strawser


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