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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Diane Zimmerman, letters Aug. 24.

Wellll excuuuse meeee! In answer to one of Diane’s previous screeds, I answered her divinations about me. I am a registered Democrat, as she originally wrote, but in this tome she now says I am not a (her term) “real” Democrat but a “far left extremist”! She claims “real Democrats” are more like Republicans. Not MAGA Republicans like she is, but John McCain Republicans. Diane has the ability to read people’s minds from afar. This is much too big a deal for The Mighty Signal. Perhaps she belongs on “America’s Got Talent!”

Back in the days when politics were a lot saner, it was generally agreed that one could not discern another’s motives from his, or her, statements. Diane, apparently, is able to get into other writers’ minds and know why they think what they think. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the sage from Santa Clarita.

On Aug. 24, she wrote that Gavin Newsom “wants” to destroy the United States. Once again, I am going to ask for examples or proof of this statement. No more comments like, “You are smart enough to see things the way she does.” Think back to the time before Barack Obama. Do you recall opposing parties making death threats? Do you recall actual political violence, sometimes reaching the level of actual killing? I don’t. It is a bit disquieting hearing the same statements coming from MAGA Republicans that were first put out by the “Weather Underground” back in Vietnam protest days. They, too, called for the end of the FBI. Can you remember any primary election similar to that of 2016? Nastiness and childish name-calling. This is all from the MAGA Republicans, who appear to have a complete misunderstanding of what this country is all about. 

Diane’s “Dear Leader,” Donald Trump, actually believed Richard Nixon’s statement that “if the president does it, it is not illegal!” There is no doubt, in my mind, that he will be charged, will be tried, and will end up in an “orange jumpsuit.” More’s the pity!

That Trump might be elected again is no solace. Both Peron in Argentina and Marcos in the Philippines were elected. Each ruled with an iron fist, killing those who disagreed with them!

Gary Morrison


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