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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: “Are you a good Catholic?” letters, Sept. 7. 

Always interesting to read Mr. Arthur Saginian’s comments. He writes well and he must have developed it during his Catholic education. At the same time, he must have missed the essential of his Catholic education, which represents nothing more than providing the basic knowledge of the Catholic faith. To be a good Catholic is not an education, it is a journey, a life’s journey, something Mr. Saginian obviously missed. If he really understood what it means to be a good Catholic, he would be trying hard to be one. 

He held on to his Bible (“a good read” he says) but then he questions how we could possibly “know, love and serve the will of God.” If he read and studied the Bible he would know. 

There is one sentence I definitely agree with. He says: “In the final analysis you can believe whatever you want to believe.” Yes indeed; faith too is a matter of whether you WANT to believe or not.  

 Hilmar Rosenast


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