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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am in support of Maria Gutzeit for the SCV Water Agency board. I’ve known her for 15-plus years as a friend and neighbor. 

For nearly 20 years Maria has certainly demonstrated vision and leadership when it comes to caring about water for the Santa Clarita Valley. She has served on the Newhall County Water District board and the SCV Water board. She understands the balance of growth and development and water needs. She is the current board president of the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency. The lady knows water. 

Maria is a businesswoman, concerned citizen, wife and caring mom. I would run into her when out walking or occasionally at the Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club when she was picking up her daughter Emma. We would discuss their latest vacation or current events or issues in our community. Such a caring soul. 

I highly recommend Maria Gutzeit for re-election to Division 3. She has a proven track record when it comes to water. Her high values, commitment and passion have been a plus for the SCV Water Agency and our community. 

Jim Ventress

Retired CEO, SCV Boys and Girls Club

Santa Clarita

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