Larry Moore | Am I a Fascist Because Joe Says So?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Really? The president just called me a fascist. No, make that a semi-fascist. Does that mean I’m a fascist-in-training or I’m only half a fascist? During my 76 years on this Earth, nobody has ever called me that. How have I sunk so quickly into the morass of fascism? Maybe it was my brief stint as a deplorable back in 2016. I have apparently morphed into something much more heinous. Funny though, I haven’t really changed my world view. People usually don’t after 75. I still believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, secure borders, a strong military that acts as a deterrent, low taxes, energy independence, gas-powered vehicles, safe cities, woke-free, good public schools, honoring our past and veterans…in other words, strong, conservative values. 

If this makes me a fascist, then I’m probably using the wrong dictionary to define the word. Maybe the president should have looked at a dictionary before he so flippantly and callously tossed around that hateful term to describe half of our country. But then, he doesn’t write his own speeches, does he?

Larry Moore 


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