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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I often find myself being questioned as to where I find my facts on such subjects as climate change and the homeless. I quote my source from a newspaper. 

The change to our planet’s weather can be seen as a normal event over the centuries. I refer you to the article in Sept. 13 Daily News with the headline, “100 years after compact, Colorado River” in paragraph three. I quote, “A drought                                           scientists now believe is the driest 22-year stretch in the past 1,200 years.” So to say again, I told you so. The Earth has a history of drought and flooding, I am surprised this cycle is not spoken about more often. 

In the same paper an article about “millions for Skid Row homeless” could be seen on the front page. When the homeless count was made recently, what was the percentage of the 69,000 who wanted to move off the street? Was the question even asked? Throwing money will continue to be the only answer our city, county and state government have for the homeless situation. 

I told you so. 

Michael Dempsey


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