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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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In keeping with a long time practice of mine, I’m going to be the “Bad Guy” and state what should be obvious but obviously isn’t to many people. 

FACT: If you buy drugs other than those prescribed to you for a condition diagnosed by a licensed physician and purchased at a licensed pharmacy, there is a better than average chance nowadays you might be ingesting far more than you bargained for… and there also is a very good chance you may soon have the sequence of your birthdays permanently interrupted! This isn’t some hidden secret. It’s on the news pretty much 24/7 so ignorance is absolutely no excuse. 

And I for one am sick and tired of hearing the non-stop blaming of everyone except for the person who VOLUNTARILY(!!!!!) and ILLEGALLY(!!!!!) bought and ingested the drugs that killed them. 

The wicked and evil Mexican drug cartel members couldn’t get jobs mowing lawns, let alone become multimillionaires, were it not for the voracious appetite the people in this country have for their products. 

Rick Barker

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